Step-by-step guide on how to design a kitchen on your own using the online designer

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The designer was created especially for those who want to plan their own kitchen design in detail, even before going to the furniture store.

In this article we will talk about the design stages. The interface is quite simple, everyone can understand and create a kitchen project on their computer without leaving home.

The operating sequence in the online designer

Create a room by size

1. Go to the section Rooms.


2. Next, select the option Room size and indicate the real dimensions of your room in millimeters (width, height, depth). To return to the Rooms section, click on the arrow, as shown in the figure.


3. Use the Decors button to choose the room design (floor and walls shades and materials). The button Back will take you to the Rooms page, to configure other parameters.



4. In the window Walls and columns, you can choose those construction elements that are missing in the pictured room - columns, walls, beams. The selected object needs to be moved with the mouse holding the left button. By clicking on the object you can change its location, adjust the size and choose the desired color.


5. Doors and windows. Here you can select the necessary models and drag them into the window openings and door apertures. Dimensions of elements can be adjusted by clicking.


6. Communications. In this section, you can choose gas and water supply pipes, boilers, measuring devices, ventilating grill and sockets. Elements can be moved and rotated by clicking on them, and, if desired, you can change geometric parameters.


You can use the line display function if you click the special button on the right display side.

Adding furniture modules

1. To create kitchen cupboards, click the Catalog icon (it is in the vertical menu bar, on the left side of the designer interface).


2. Among the modules, select the option that is needed (initially, we form the lower level of the kitchen). Drag the desired object into the room, using the left computer mouse button.


3. To transform the module size, select the desired object and make changes to special fields (height, width or length).


- You can rotate the selected module clockwise or counter-clockwise


4. Find and place the module under the oven; it can be found in the column Lower sections.


5. Move the special lever in the menu to add a hob.


6. In order to determine the material of doors and handles, go to the special section Facades, handles and correct the data.


7. If you plan to use different materials for the upper and lower cupboards, you need to click the switch shown in the figure.


8. To change the material and style of the plinth, cupboard or worktop, click the "Sections, counter top" button. Here you can choose a glass panel with apron zone photo printing.


Save your project

To save the project and continue working later, activate the diskette icon or use the shortcut Ctrl + S.