25 best small kitchen ideas

Space is a luxury few people can afford. Especially in modern cities, homes have are shrinking. Having a small modern kitchen is common. If you are living in a tiny area, here are some kitchen ideas to let you make the most of your space.

Just like this modern design, kitchens must be versatile. There is no room available, but you can still share the space to make it a functional. Look how the round table fits perfectly to create a place where you can gather with friends, cook or even work.


Modern kitchen plans nowadays include the laundry room, like in this example.


Look how everything fits perfectly on this remodeling ideas. The shelves can make some room for dishes, and even a small oven can fit.


Small cabinets are essential to be functional. A pantry will share space with dishes on this functional design. Look how the light just comes handy when you are cooking. Functionality is everything for kitchen design.


The monochromatic and plain design of this designs 2018 makes it a simple and elegant idea for any home at the city. The flat finishes of the surfaces with sober colors make it look bigger than it is.


A wooden worktop will make a design fit a classical decor at home. On this particular picture, notice how the cabinets fill out all available space with handy storage area and at the same time serve to light your worktop.


There is even room for plants. It is a tiny space with seamless opportunities. To take advantage of every single inch is the secret to a functional kitchen. Notice how even the top of the fridge has left room for storage.


A simple kitchen is accentuated with a white worktop. To keep just the essentials is key. Look how the regular stove with the oven was changed by just a stove leaving room to some drawers.


The wall finishes are making this interior go along perfectly with the gloss white cabinets.


When you are planning the area, you can make anything fit if you plan it in advance. Look for small kitchen plans before you start remodeling your kitchen so that you make sure there is room for everything.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with a Large Refrigerator 

To combine with your kitchen appliances you can use gray. The design intention will be obvious, and you will have a unique interior.

Grey Cabinets 

When you are going to start remodel, think about using cabinets with glass doors. That way you will always know what is inside.


You can have a counter table for breakfast. Use it for storage and make the most of your space.


Can you use an old stove? Here is an example with seamless ideas.


It can be your next design at home.

Grey Stone Worktop

Use an island to divide kitchens. It will be a practical idea you can use to place your meals or beverages.


The indirect lighting makes this room glow. White is a perfect color to reflect light and make a small place suitable for working.


Add a splash of color to your ideas. White is perfect to keep the space clean and to reflect light, and it will combine with any color gamma you want to add. A mural, for example, will be something no other home will have.


It is important to keep everything in its place. Cabinets are essential, and to add glass will allow you to keep order on your tiny space.

White Cabinets with Glass Doors 

When you just have a small corner as a kitchen, you should make the most of your space. 

Corner Kitchen with Counter 

Islands are very useful. Like this remodel example, where they added a table as an island, which gives it new functionalities.

Oval Island 

Even a simple interior can have an island for more functionality.


Bright colors will make your kitchen shine. For example, look at this picture where yellow dominates the scene.

Small Yellow Kitchen  

Don’t leave out your dishwasher. It can fit!

Remodeling Ideas Dishwasher 

Use light brown wood combined with a dark surface for the working area.

Simple Wooden cabinets